A general rule in golf is “Play the ball as it lies.” Not that golf balls have the means to utter falsehoods, wherever and whatever condition your ball ends up in, you simply hit the ball as it is, wherever it is. Of course there are exceptions to that rule which will be discussed at some other time. I genuinely suspect that the old Scottish saying “A golf ball never lies” was derived from this general rule of playing the ball as it lies.

The Open

Ever wonder how courses are selected for the British Open? Do take a look at this link–


Embedded within the above URL is  another interesting link that will be able to provide you with a list of the different Open venues and the lowest scores done by whom. Look for the Open Championship venues.

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Oosthuizen takes the lead at ten under

Young South African, Louis Oosthuizen is now leading the Open. This young man is a product of the Ernie Els Golf Foundation and has a fantastic golf swing and an equally great demeanor to match it! Will keep you posted! Fore!